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The Coaching Client Onboarding Kit

The Coaching Client Onboarding Kit

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Are you a coach looking to streamline your client onboarding process and create a lasting impression from the start? Look no further! The Coaching Client Onboarding Kit is here to make your life easier and elevate your professional image.

This editable Canva template kit is thoughtfully designed to cater specifically to coaches like you. It includes all the essential tools and resources you need to seamlessly onboard new clients and establish a strong foundation for a successful coaching relationship.

What's included in this 10-page kit:

Agreement Template
Payment Information
Welcome Letter
Frequently Asked Questions
Contact Information
Intake Form
Coaching Resources Sheet

Don't let the onboarding process be a hassle or miss out on creating a lasting first impression. With our Onboarding Kit for Coaches, you can confidently welcome new clients, showcase your professionalism, and set the stage for a fruitful coaching journey.

Streamline your onboarding process today and unlock your coaching potential with our ready-to-use kit.

Fully customizable & super easy to use -
✩ 10-Page Coaching Client Onboarding Kit - with bonus cover!
✩ Format: Canva (FREE online design tool)
✩ Simple to customize - save time & money by doing it yourself!
✩ Link to a curated photo library to even more photos via Pexels.
✩ Immediate download, so you can start showing up in your business in a whole new!

This is perfect for online coaches and consultants.
Make you and your business will stand out and unlock new opportunities!
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